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Pig Freud

  • Pig Freud on Julz show at Ujima Radio 98fm Bristol

    The world’s first guitar-playing pig Pig Freud was outside Ujima Radio 98fm in Bristol today before appearing on Julz afternoon show promoting pro-intersectional veganism, following his appearance a couple of days ago at the Teen VGN summer camp.


    You can listen to the interview here -


  • Pig Freud spotted at Bristol Temple Meads station on way to Teen VGN summer camp

    The world’s first guitar playing pig Pig Freud was spotted at Bristol Temple Meads railway station as he made his way to performing live at the Teen VGN vegan summer camp, aimed at teenagers aged 11-17 years old at the Margam Discovery Centre in Port Talbot, Wales, on Wednesday August 17th 2016.


    Pig Freud is amongst a number of special guests at the camp who will be either doing educational talks or workshops, or entertaining a number of youngsters who are keen to mingle with each other and learn about the various aspects of veganism in a fun week out. It is expected that, being an animal himself, Pig Freud will encourage the young ones in attendance to stop using animals, and go vegan, live vegan, stay vegan and teach vegan in their communities after the camp.


    Find out more here.


  • “Go Vegan” posters spotted on phone boxes near Edinburgh International Fringe sites in the run up to Vegfest Scotland

    A number of posters with a clear “go vegan” message have been spotted on phone boxes in Edinburgh near the event sites for the world-famous Edinburgh International Fringe festival. The posters are up in prime spots for the whole of August, meaning that they will be seen by around 1 million people during the festival period.


    Starring pink fluffy pig Pig Freud, the phone box posters ask people to go vegan for the animals, for the planet and for their health, inviting people to attend the upcoming Vegfest Scotland event in Glasgow on December 3rd 4th at the SEC Centre.


    Read more about this campaign at


  • Over £4,000 raised for Pig Freud vegan billboard campaign in Spring 2016

    Pig Freud rounded off his recent vegan billboard campaign in Bristol in style with a performance on the Buskers Stage at VegfestUK Bristol 2016.


    Combining contributions online as well as funds collected at VegfestUK Bristol, over £2,000 has been raised, matched by VegfestUK, meaning over £4,000 raised for the project. Well done Pig Freud and his hardworking team!


    To watch Pig Freud's gig at VegfestUK Bristol 2016, click on the link here:


    For full media coverage of Pig Freud's billboard and bus campaign, click here


    Watch this space for Pig Freud's future projects!